PGE Flex Rewards (Portland General Electric)

How do users join the community? 

PGE mails the code to the user via paper mail, and emails them a reminder that it is arriving.  

  • The common code to join this community is 11454-2171-5448-3652
  • The URL a user taps on to join the community is
  • This is an ongoing community which means the user will not have to re-enter a code again next year, the offers will automatically be granted to their account. 
  • Screen_Shot_2018-11-06_at_3.27.08_PM.png 
  • IMG_20181106_152902.jpg

Do they have paper coupons for user without a mobile phone? 

Yes, ask the user to email . 

Is this a Full Access community? 

No it isn't Full Access. It has about 100 custom PGE offers.   



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