How do I refill my used Full Access offers?

You can refill all Chinook Book Full Access coupons for the same price you originally paid. This is a great option for people who would like a second chance at an offer they have already used. To sweeten the deal we will also extend your Full Access expiration date to a year from the day you refill. 

  1. Tap the More menu
  2. Tap Add Coupons 

  3. If you already have Full Access you will see two options here, Purchase Full Access Refill and Enter Activation Code. 


  4. Tap Purchase Full Access Refill. Here you can see Refill Details before you purchase. 
  5. If you would like to purchase a refill using your credit card tap Purchase Full Access Refill. If your card is already on file the app will auto-fill the information.  


What Does Refill Full Access mean? 

How can I view what Full Access coupons will be refilled before purchasing/activating a refill?


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    Rita Ayers

    What's the cost to refill just one or two coupons?

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