Why is my Full Access end date different than coupon expiration dates?

Your Full Access subscription includes a use of every active coupon in our app while your subscription is active.  During your subscription coupons will be added to and expire from your app.  For this reason coupons will operate on their own schedule, separate from your Full Access subscription.

Here are the nuts and bolts of your Full Access subscription:

  • Your full access is good for 1 year from your day of purchase. For example, if I purchased on 2/1/2018, I will continue to have access to all available Chinook Book coupons until my Full Access ends on 2/1/2019.
  • Each individual coupon has it's own expiration date listed on it
  • Coupons will expire before my Full Access subscription end date. So, you'll want be sure to use them before they do. Check the "Expiring" section of your app for a list of which coupons are expiring soon.
  • Coupons will expire after my Full Access subscription end date. But my access to these coupons will end when my Full Access subscription ends
  • To maintain seamless access to coupons be sure your auto renew is set to 'on' by tapping the menu icon and then 'Manage Full Access'.

And remember, Full Access includes coupons in your metro area and all Chinook Book metro areas. If you're traveling to the Bay area, Denver, Portland, Seattle or Twin Cities anytime soon, go ahead and run the Chinook Book app to see what is available in all of our metro areas.

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