What does 'Refill' Full Access mean?

In 2015 we introduced the ability to refill Full Access coupons. 

You may refill your used Full Access coupons at any time by purchasing in-app, or entering a new Full Access Activation Code available from a local fundraiser or participating retailer. 

When you Refill your account: 

  1. Full Access offers that you previously redeemed will be refilled
  2. Your 12-month full access subscription will reset to start today and run for another 12-months

*Previous to 2015, entering a second Full Access Activation Code would extend your full access to 2 years. In early 2015 we made the above changes to allow users to refill their used offers, a change which was highly requested from our customers. If you were affected negatively by this change please get in touch at mobileservices@chinookbook.net and we will provide you with a new Full Access Activation Code to apologize for the shortening of your duration. 


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