Why is network connection mandatory?

In previous versions of the Chinook Book app, all coupon data had to be downloaded to the device. This download became big and cumbersome, particularly when we started adding coupons on a regular basis. To offer fast and reliable performance we needed to move away from this data download.

Moving to an 'online' version of the app helps you by offering faster start up when launching the app. It lightens the storage requirements for your device, too.

For coupons you're sure to want to have access to when you're offline, we strongly recommend using the Favorites feature. 

To quickly Favorite merchants, tap the little heart that appears in the right of your screen, while viewing any list.  You'll see that once you Favorite a merchant the heart turns from grey to orange.

From your home screen you can jump right to your Favorites by tapping the Favorites tile.

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