How do I buy Full Access?

Once you have installed the app and created your account you can purchase access to hundreds of coupons for $15 these three ways.

1) Right in the app. Purchase directly in app and gain immediate access to the offers:

  • Run the app, tap More, then Add Coupons and then Purchase Full Access.
  • Follow the prompts to purchase, entering your credit card on our
  • Watch the magic coupon loader do its thing.

2) Through school and community group fundraisers

  • School fundraising partners will sell both printed Chinook Books and a separate mobile access subscription cards that include a code for the 12 months of access to all active Chinook Book mobile coupons. If you want your purchase to benefit a school or community group, contact them directly for your purchase. The cost for the printed book is $20; and the cost for the Mobile Subscription Card is $15. Your school will receive a return rate of up to 50% of every purchase.

3) At participating retailers

  • Many of our retailers will be selling both printed books and mobile subscription cards. You can find a list of retailers at
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