What does 'Full Access' mean?

  • Full Access means that you will have access to every available offer in our app while your account is active. 

  • Your full access is good for 1 year from your day of purchase. For example, if I purchased on 7/1/2015, I will continue to have access to all available Chinook Book coupons until my Full Access ends on 7/1/2016.

  • If you have a credit card in our system your Full Access will renew automatically. You can change your auto-renew settings anytime inside the app.  

  • Some coupons will expire before your full access expires, so you will want to make sure to use them before they do. Please check the "Expiring" section of your app for an overview of which coupons are expiring soon.

  • This includes coupons in your metro area and all Chinook Book metro areas. If you're travelling to (Bay area, Denver, Portland, Seattle or Twin Cities) anytime soon, go ahead and run the Chinook Book app to see what is available in our other home cities.


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