How do I promote my organization's fundraiser?

Your coordinator will send you a link which will look something like this:

Tap this link on your iPhone or Android. If you don't already have the Chinook Book app installed we will redirect you to download it, otherwise we'll open the app and ask if you would like to become a promoter for your organization. 


The app will then ask for your name and a code.

  • The name will appear on reports that are sent to your fundraising coordinator. 
  • The code should be a unique word that you choose, and will become part of the link you share with friends and family. 



  • Your name can be a nickname that your coordinator can use to identify your sales. In this example my name is "Jonpaul"
  • Your code should be something unique and short. In this example my code is "Sunbeam"

Now your app has a new More menu item called "My Promotions" 


You can tap the big "Promote" button on this screen to share your link through email, text, facebook, twitter, and more. 


We will automatically generate a message for you to send with your text, but you can feel free to modify the message. When people purchase with my promotion link ( I will receive credit, and if I'm in the top five my name will appear on the leaderboard. 




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